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Aza Brown, your next "on repeat" artist

Aza Brown

Aza Brown is a solo artist from Chesterfield, UK, who rose to prominence in the 90's with bands like The Dazy Age and The Chasers. After a 15 year break where he imported Fair Trade goods from Indonesia and was teaching English, he came back to his true passion, music.

We came across one of Aza’s songs on a music submitting platform and immediately fell in love with the cheerful tune of his work so we wanted to get to know him better and show you, guys, some of his wonderful songs.

1. Wasting away

Written in a tough time for him and his band when he would fear for their future, Wasting away is a song about finding hope in people around you and in situations that feel entirely hopeless.

With a very cheerful tune, Aza sings about his fears and doubts, but brings a positive note when he talks about his love for his girlfriend: “As long as my heart is beating, as long as the days are breaking, I know that I love you, baby”.

This song is deeper than the cheerful instrumental, it is a song about finding the strength to keep going even when life doesn’t look your way and about turning a bad situation in your favour.

2. Pure Water

Probably one of our absolute favorite, Pure Water is an uplifting song with greatly motivational lyrics such as: “Hold your head high/ You don’t have to hide away”, “Hang on tight”, lyrics that make you feel that you are not alone in your darkness and that someone is here to be your guiding light. From these lyrics to the instrumental that starts with beautiful strings, everything about this song screams hope and encouragement.


Vintage Latino vibes, introspection, allowing yourself to feel your emotions, all of these are the perfect recipe for a healthy path to healing after you’ve been hurt and you can find them in Aza Brown’s song, Afterthought.

He goes from presenting the situation, to feeling like the victim of a narcissist to finally taking his power back from the person that hurt him and made him feel unlovable.

4.For Real?

In this song, Aza Brown is showing us his unapologetic self and invites us to do the same and to realize that “there’s more than just existence to this life”. With an amazingly cheerful and upbeat tune, he encourages us to give in and just be yourself and not think about others’ opinion of yourself.

5. Sticky Situations

With a nice change in tune, Sticky Situations is a slow and comfortable song that teaches us the importance of our own perspective on life. “I found myself in sticky situations, all the time” is probably a very relatable thing for a lot of us, but Aza’s soothing voice makes us believe that maybe they’re not as bad as they seem. A very calming, but still cheerful song, Sticky Situations is the kind of song you need after a day where nothing went according to your plan to remind you that life is not as bad as it may seem sometimes.

We know for sure that we are going to hum his songs for a while, but what do you think, music lovers?

You can find Aza on his social media and listen to his songs on all streaming platforms.

Until next time,


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