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Carter Fox & Damn Stargazers Present Single 'Telescopes & Wavelengths'

We are very excited to write this article since it marks the beginning of something beautiful for us!

damn stargazers

'Telescopes & Wavelengths' is a collaboration between Carter Fox and Damn Stargazers (aka Dan Morrell) and they were kind enough to release with Stellar Rider, a new Chill Space project that consists of a synthwave/chillwave record label.

We wanted to present to you the people that made this possible for us by trusting us with their release so we asked them a few questions.

carter fox

Damn Stargazers was introduced to

Carter Fox through a mutual friend, who had been trying to get them to create music together for years. Thanks to alignments of time and space, and a shared love of groovy, lush, lofi sounds and outer space, Damn Stargazers and Carter Fox created a chill downtempo song that blurs the line of lofi chill and synthwave and invites the listener to look up at the night sky and wonder what is out there. The groovy bass lines, hypnotic synth hooks, and overall grooviness will both relax you body and energize your soul.

"Telescopes & Wavelengths is a reflection of our shared love for exploration and experimentation," says Carter Fox. "The song draws inspiration from the cosmic wonders of the universe, and we aimed to weave those cosmic vibes into the very fabric of the music."

telescopes & wavelengths

The song’s artwork was designed by Opas (@opas.designs on Instagram). The song was mastered by 2x-Grammy nominee Ryan Schwabe.

'Telescopes & Wavelengths' was released on August 4, 2023 and is available on all major streaming platforms, inviting listeners to embark on a soul-calming journey through the depths of music and space.

You can also check Carter Fox and Damn Stargazers on their socials and listen to more of their music on their Spotify. You will discover lots of amazing vibes and tunes and you will fall in love with their music, just like we did.

Until next time,


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