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Drew Thomas' Meridian

“Meridian is collection of songs that sum up what it’s like to be twenty-something at a crossroads in life, learning to accept the things you can’t change but reflecting on the mistakes you wish you could. Inspired by five different people in my past and present, these songs offer an artistic vulnerability I’ve never shown before.”


"Twenties" is the first song on the EP and pretty much sums up the idea of "Meridian". Drew sings about the challenges of being on his own, with loses and wins, caught up in an unhealthy addiction when everybody tells him to stop, but he knows it's just his way of making it thru his twenties. A catchy melody with relatable lyrics, a simple yet powerful tune.


Two broken people trying to feel something together, people that are together but in reality just strangers, the struggle to beat the numbness of the reality and feel something more, having the courage to take life into your own hands, this is what "Smoke" is about, one of our favorite tracks on this Ep.

3.Ivory White

A big part of everybody's twenties are relationships and their struggles. In "Ivory White", Drew talks about his regrets, the what ifs, the connection he forms and seems to loose with another person that needs time, the suffering and the losing of hope, all which are well known to youth.

4.All My Friends

After high school, people go their own ways trying to create a good life for themselves and ultimately change, mature and get lost along the way. Your twenties might feel pretty lonely because of that and this is what Drew is singing about in his song, All My Friends.

5. I Wish I'd Met You Earlier

Probably the most emotional and sad one, the last song on the EP presents the grief of losing something that could have been, an unrequired love. "I WIsh I'd Met You Earlier" is not a romantic verse said to a lover from the desire to have as much time as possible together, but is followed by "But someone met you first" implying that there is no room for his love, no possibility of showing the burning love in his chest, but rather having it hidden, consuming him from inside. Our favorite song of Drew's.

You can find Drew Thomas on his socials and listen to his music on Spotify.

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11. Okt. 2023

These are some really deep topics! Definitely going to check this out today :)

Gefällt mir
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