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Help on the Way, a charity cover by Ari Joshua

"Help on the Way" - a cover by Ari Joshua, revealing an all-star version of the Garcia/Hunter classic ” pairing poetry and form with drummer John Kimock, bassist Andy Hess, and keyboardist Eden Ladin.

help on the way, ari joshua

This project is a part of Ari's upcoming music compilation, which boasts an impressive lineup of musical talent. It includes about half a dozen original compositions and pays tribute to the legendary partnership between Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter.

For "Help on the Way," they assembled an extraordinary group of musicians. They had John Kimock on drums, Andy Hess on bass, and Eden Ladin on keyboards. Ari was leading the band as the vocalist, guitarist, and producer. They recorded this at the renowned Bunker Studio in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood.

help on the way by ari joshua

Ari Joshua paints a picture of how musical happenstance changed his life at about ten years old: “On the way to summer camp, an older kid with a battery-powered boombox had the cardboard double-disc version of One from the Vault, it must have made an impression, I bought the cassette and CD both. I felt a connection to the muses, the angels, & the cosmic forces, all perfectly reflected into poetry and melody. Later, I saw the original band play “Help” with Garcia. It's a beautiful song. It's a masterpiece. I am grateful to be able to team up with this incredible cast to share this recording."

Ari will donate a portion of the proceeds to the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at “The title speaks so clearly: Help on the Way. That’s something I wanna do through music, is help. I lost two friends tragically this month, previously I lost a romantic partner to depression. I hope that if help is what you need, that you’ll find it soon.

You can find Ari on his socials and listen to his music on Spotify.

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