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Let's get to know Wotts

Hey, guys!

We start the weekend earlier with an awesome band that we want to present to you!

We discovered Wotts thru their song, garden and fell immediately in love with their natural flow and genuine music so we wanted to share them with you!

They offered us the great opportunity to dive into 5 of their songs and bring them to you so you can get to know a little bit better your next favorite band.

We also asked them a few questions to get to know the people and the process behind the music we've fallen for.


1. We think that artists are in touch with their genuine self so, how would you describe yourself? I’d say naive, open and grateful. If anyone’s wondering why, it’s because we have no idea what we’re doing half the time, so we just go with our gut and never overthink things. Grateful because we know not everyone has the opportunity we have to make music.

2. How did you start your musical journey? It all started with a karaoke app about 8 years ago. Never learned any music theory or played any instruments but immediately fell in love with creating songs, even if the words weren’t mine. From there, the path just opened up and next thing you know a band is formed. We started this version of the project in 2021 and haven’t looked back.


3. What inspires you most in your music? The music that inspires us the most brings to life this beautiful feeling of nostalgia. When we hear someone say that a song of ours does that to them, it’s mission accomplished for us. What I like about our approach is that it’s never calculating, we just let that kind of vibe slowly and naturally make its way into our music.

1. Before

Before, their debut single, is that type of song that you can either try to understand from the lyrics or completely resonate with from the first note, but either way you end up understanding more about the world you live in.

They sing about a long term relationship that came to an end because of the way people tend to get comfortable and take things from granted, assuming their partner know what they are feeling, thinking and have to do. It's about the way people that we're compatible at the beginning of a relationship evolve and grow and sometimes end up not compatible at all. And that's okay.

2. Lemonade

Lemonade is one of our personal favorite because of the way Wotts made some deep philosophic thinking feel so relaxed and cheerful. Lyrics such as "Never know what you got until it run away", "Maybe we don't know nothing", Waiting on the sun" are exactly the phrases that made the song feel like a conversation with your best friend at 3 am when everybody is more sincere and vulnerable.


This song, despite its cheerful dancing tune, talks about the moment someone who has hurt you and made you feel unlovable comes back asking for a second chance. NO TAKE BACKS basically means "You can't take back the fact that you wanted to leave me and you did" which is a very healthy way of thinking that shows strength and self respect. Wotts teaches us, in their own chill and genuine way to not let people show they dont want us twice and we're here for it.

4. 6 Shooter

A collaboration with The Desert Island Big Band, 6 Shooter song will make you forget about all your problems and just dance your troubles away. Even though the tune is slightly different than their usual music, Wotts still leave their genuine mark on the musical flow.

5. Garden

We usually like to keep things light but for whatever reason we had all these pent-up feelings about life and living that were bursting to get out. Maybe some people will be able to relate, maybe not. All I know is it felt good to get some of this stuff off my chest…

Garden is our favorite song from them and the one we discovered this great band through.

The way every little thing and sound align perfectly with the rest of the song just make it so satisfying to listen to! An anthem of growing up and letting go.

What do you think, music lovers? You can check out Wotts on their social media and listen to their music on Spotify.

Until next time,


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