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Our first Lofi Music Blog Post

space sloth and chromind

Hey there, lo-fi lovers! Welcome to the launch of our brand new lofi music blog dedicated to the fantastic world of lo-fi music. We're very excited to embark on this musical journey with you!

I’m Chromind. I help around making illustrations (you can find me at “Buy Artwork” section on the site) and over the next months I’ll be posting on this blog so you can stay updated with Chill Space’s latest releases, advice from producers and artists and many more!

I think we all love this genre of music that embraces imperfections because it shows us we dont need to be perfect to be appreciated and loved.

My mission here is simple: to celebrate the beauty of lo-fi music and bring you the best tracks, artists, and trends from this genre. Whether you're a lo-fi lover or someone looking to dive into this captivating musical realm, Chill Space and I got you covered.

But this blog isn't just about us—it's about you, too! We want to build an engaging community where we can exchange thoughts, recommendations, and discoveries. We encourage you to join the conversation by leaving comments, sharing your favorite tracks, and suggesting topics you'd like us to explore.

So, whether you're seeking solace after a long day, need a creative boost, or simply want to immerse yourself in the calming vibes of lo-fi, this blog is for you!

Together, let's uncover the hidden gems, support talented artists, and revel in the magic of lo-fi music.

Make sure to bookmark this page and stay tuned for exciting content coming your way. Let the musical journey begin!

With warmest regards,


Chill Space blogger and illustrator


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