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Perry Ripley

perry ripley

Perry Ripley, an independent singer-songwriter hailing from Brighton, shares with us a captivating exploration of his emotions through his original lyrics. His music effortlessly straddles the boundaries of alternative rock, indie pop, and sultry electric sounds.

He first made his mark on the music scene with the self-release of his debut EP, "SET FIRE TO THE ROSES," which garnered radio airplay on BBC Introducing in 2018 and 2019. This trend continued in 2020 and 2021 with the release of two tracks from his EP "COCAINE LOVE," which made its debut on April 26, 2021.

In addition to his amazing music, Perry Ripley complements his tracks with visually stunning elements. His highly anticipated debut LP is set to be unveiled throughout 2023. His most recent offering, "SINNER," received early recognition on BBC radio and paved the way for his inaugural performance on the mainstage of The Local & Live Festival 2023. "SINNER" has garnered critical acclaim and boasts over 10,000 streams on major platforms. Perry Ripley is poised to release the music video for this track in September 2023.

“G.T.F.O is a written around the inner monologue of someone going through a break-up but still finds themselves running back to that person even though they know it’s a bad idea. The person the song is about is a musician who is very well-known in the industry who I had a fleeting relationship with a while ago, however I do not name any names as they know who they are. I wrote this track on piano then built around it in the studio to achieve an alternative electro-rock sound that anyone who has been through a slow break-up can relate too.” Perry says.


You can fins Perry Ripley on his social media and listen to his music on Spotify.

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