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See Level, an introspective Lo-Fi perspective

Today we had the amazing opportunity of talking with Andre Dennis, known in the music community as See Level, an artist who showed an introspective Lo-Fi perspective to his listeners. He started on his musical journey as a rap/hip-hop beats producer after exploring other genres, at his friends suggestions. With a 13 years of experience, he found himself drawn to Lo-Fi after a rainy season in LA put him in a “lo-fi mood”.

Andre Dennis, also known as See Level

And thanks to this, he now produces lo-fi beats and released a new album that we are going to present to you today.

But before getting to know his music, we wanted to get to know both the person and the artist so we asked him how would he describe himself, and as a very self aware person he told us:

“Im genuine, versatile, chill, and I love to make people feel good and smile. As an artist I use everything at my disposal to bring out whatever I’m feeling at the moment. Every instrument, every sound any genre.

We discovered See Level thru his album, “Frame of mine” that is an invitation to a deeper self reflection than we are used to these days.

“All this album is about my own self reflection, each song was made from an emotion I’ve felt, or an experience I’ve had. My fans wanted another album, so i did the best i could. I gave them me.

1. Off top reflections:

“basically setting the tone for the album. “Frame of mine” is an intro to my frame of mind.”

The first song of the album sets a calming atmosphere that invites you to explore your mind and beliefs.

2. Centered:

“I was going for a lofi summer anthem. Centered being the middle of the year/ being whole, and just accepting everything in the past and whats to come, the good and bad, loving all it all equally.

Possibly our personal favorite song on the album, Centered is an upbeat, energetic and moodlifting song that can make you feel the beauty of life in a summer day.

3. Shadow Self:

“A song that i made while in a deep drepression for months, just landed a "dream job" building rockets at SpaceX but that wasn’t my true path. The depression was so bad I made this song my alarm to wake me up in the morning. It still gets to me hearing it some times, this was a tough share.

A song that really hits deep when listened to carefully, Shadow self was born in a tough period of Andre’s life, but despite that, it still manages to shed a light of hope in the darkness of depression.

4. What goes around:

This too shall pass, the tears of joy to deep depressions. They are all experiences to do just that. Experience it and let it go.

Another favorite of ours, this song reinforces the hope one should have that the bad times are always temporary.

5. I forgive you me:

“Self forgiveness and self love is all you need. Forgiving myself for all of my so-called mistakes. Can’t really call them mistakes because without them I wouldn’t be me and I love myself.”

A really emotional one, I forgive you me is the last song, ending the album on a positive note of forgiveness and gratitude.

What do you think, Lo-Fi lovers and enthusiasts? We know we loved every second of this album and we are excited to see what else does See Level have in store for us!

You can find Andre on his social media at @seee.level on IG and listen to all his music on streaming platforms.

The album has many more amazing songs that we 100% encourage you to check out:

Until next time,


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