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Shock Value

Hey there, dear music lovers! Welcome back to our blog, where we discover fresh music every other day to present to you! Today we came across an interesting and catchy band so we wanted to get to know them better!

shock value

Shock Value is composed of Nick Bader (Vocals), Matt Rice (Lead Guitar), Nick Roach (Rhythm Guitar), Corey Gross (Bass) and Zach Dresch (Drums) and they have an amazing album waiting for you.

1. When was the band created?

The band was formed in Sioux Falls in 2023

2. What are your main influences?

Machine Gun Kelly, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Sueco, Linkin Park, Green Day

3. Are there any press releases or performances you are excited about?

Album will be released at Sioux Falls 2023 Four Winds music and arts festival. As well as a front page write up in our local paper The Argus Leader.

4. Do you have any video material to promote your music?

We have a music video for our first single Rockstar that we just released July 14th

5. Where was the album recorded and who was involved in its production?

The album was recorded and mixed at Wolvii Studio by Michael Tucker. And was mastered by Mike Dresch who's long list of credits include working with Nodes of Ranvier.

6. What are your top three favorite songs on the album?

Rockstar - The song that started it all. The song is honestly about the feeling I had about switching genres. Rockstar is an example of when taking a risk pays off. Making my transition from hip hop to pop punk doesn’t always translate, but I knew from the moment it was recorded, that it was the start of something special.

Paradise - Our personal favorite on the album, it feels like an anthem. We learned a lot about our potential while in the studio recording this one. The listener gets to decide what they want the song to be. If there was a message we want to send, it’s that sometimes you have to sit in the dark before the sun rises, but it’s worth it.

My Life Story - Arguably the best song on the album (saved the best for last), My Life Story is meant to create a feeling of nostalgia. One of the first demos to be recorded, it was evident right away that this song could be special. The soft intro is almost like a vocal drumroll preparing the listener for the big finale of the record. Life is such a roller coaster, enjoy the ride.

7. What advice would you give to your listeners/aspiring artists?

The overall message of Shock Value is to follow your dreams, no matter how crazy they seem. And that all of us have our own challenges every day, it's up to us how we can conquer them. -Nick Bader

You can find Shock Value on their social media and listen to their songs on Spotify.

Until next time,


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Aug 25, 2023

Really good article, I really love all of the bands listed as influence so I'm definitely checking it out! They weren't kidding My Life Story is a great tune :)

chill space
chill space
Aug 26, 2023
Replying to

Happy you enjoyed this one mate!

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