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Smile by David Peril

Another day, another great artist we get to know so we can show them to you!

Today we have an interesting album for you that we are sure you're gonna love, Smile by David Peril. We've listened to a few songs and we absolutely love the vibe, the lyrics and the passion this man has managed to put into his music. And we think he deserves your attention.

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I've had a break of over 20 years in between recording and writing songs. In fact I barely touched a guitar in that time either. Although I always have melodies running around my head. 2. Where did you get your inspiration for the album? Various things. A relationship ending, the birth of a great niece, frustration... and just thinking about the fact I should have done this years ago.

3. What are your top three favourite songs on the album? My personal favourites tend to change but I'd say Follow You Home, She's Everyone's Girl and Smile. Although the song that sums up how I think is Ice Wine.



4. Do you have any musical background? I met a friend in Winnipeg in 1996/7 and we formed Poe-Alley. We moved then back to my home of Liverpool to 'make it' then didn't and quit after 5 or 6 years. 5. Have you faced any challenges as a musician so far? I can't get listened to. Can't get any worthwhile gigs. Get told how good my songs are but they don't fit onto today's playlists. However I don't really care anymore. If something happens it happens. So the challenges of being a musician is learning that nobody else cares and all I should care about is doing something that I enjoy, and I do because the songs aren't bad. In fact they're pretty good. 6. What inspired the cover of the album? Is there a story? I found that picture for the album online as a copyright free image. It's a sarcastic Smile, which is basically what the album is about. 7. What advice would you give to your listeners/ aspiring artists? If you like what you hear then hit the like and share button because it means a lot. And to other artists I'd say play 'live, and often' and in as many different places as you can. Thanks for having me.

Go check out David on his social media and listen to his wonderful music on Spotify.

Until Next Time,


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