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Under The Lights, by The Heidi Incident

Curating music is probably one of the best thing you can do as a music lover because you are always put in situations where you experiment new songs and new takes on already existing genres, but most important of all, you always get to find talented artists!

This was the case when we first listened to Under The Lights, the debut single of an American band called The Heidi Incident.

Since we only have the debut song, we wanted to also focus on the band, before they go and drop more amazing music! And so, we had the great opportunity to talk to The Heidi Incident and get to know them better.

Under The Lights

Under The Lights is a song we wrote during the pandemic. The initial ideas were just based on experimenting with what sounds we wanted to incorporate to create something we would enjoy and be proud to call our own. The ideas were presented to Matt (Vaughan-Singer) and he instantly knew the song would be about the moment he saw the love of his life on the dance floor and was instantly smitten! The song was titled and the lyrics were written almost instantaneously! And it was then that our sound was established which led to many more ideas and song inspiration!

With its extremely catchy ryhthm and the 80's nostalgic vibes, Under The Lights is an amazingly produced song that can cure anyone's sadness! We loved the cheerful tune and the romantic lyrics were absolutely genius.

The Heidi Incident

Since we had the song on repeat for quite a while, we really needed to talk to the great artists that produced it and they were kind enough to tell us more.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, the people, not the artists?

We are Matt Vaughan (vocals) Dan Hayes (AKA 2 Forty 1) (Guitarist/Producer) and "Fletch" (Drums). We are all "30 Somethings (37-39 to be more specific). All of us reside in the Reno, Nevada area of the United States. Best way to describe our dynamic is "balanced". Matt tends to provide a neutral and diplomatic demeanor, while Dan is the "Fire" and the non-stop ambition. And to top it off, Fletch is kind of the more relaxed and "go with the flow" tempered of the band.

What is your musical background and what led you to pursue a musical career?

Our musical background is quite diverse, but similar in its own right. We all have minimal "classroom" history. For all of us, music kind of "found us" and not the other way around. It became one of those things where we all saw it as the universe telling us this is what we should be doing! When something gets thrown in your face enough times, eventually you stop ignoring the "signs"!

What inspires your songwriting process?

The songwriting process tends to start with Dan tinkering around and writing musical ideas from a guitar and the recorded of a smart phone. Then those ideas are honed in the studio a bit more and the ideas are sent to the other guys for input and "hit or miss" perspective. The lyrical content and stories are written based on both life experiences as well as world observation. You would be surprise how much subject matter there is to choose from to write about by just walking outside, not saying a word and just "listening and observing the world around you!"

Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations you are excited about? Can you give us a sneak peek into what is next for your music?

Our second single, "If Not Now, When" is slated to release on August 25th. There are several other singles in the works that all will be part of a full length album that is slated to be released early next year. The plan is to keep spreading awareness of our music in the form of future releases as well as live shows. We hope to spread the word globally in as many forms as we can and share this gift of art with as many people as we can!

You read that write, music lovers! The Heidi Incident will give us an album early next year! Until then, we look forward to listen to their next single and we encourage you to do the same!

You can find The Heidi Incident on their social media and listen to their debut single on all streaming platforms.

Until next time,


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