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Purple Planet

Submit your song to one of our playlists

Paid Submissions


 - you need two credits to submit one song

 - 3 credits = $3


for 10% off on your next purchase.

Paid Submissions

 - $5 = 1 song submission

- submit more tracks = cheaper

 - response within one day or sooner
(20$ = 5 tracks)

(30$ = 8 tracks)

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Free Submissions

Rules for submitting:

Only people that have reached Level 5 and up can send submissions !

How do you get to level 5+ ?

By simply being active on the server (chatting, posting, collaborating, talking) you gain xp, typing or talking in voice can gain you xp aswell as xp % bonuses.

You can just stay on the server listening to music.


Server Booster (role) - gained by boosting the server

- unlocks a 20% exp boost and get a new shiny role


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