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1. Who comprises the band, and what roles do they fulfill in the group?

Maccie is the vocalist and lyricist. JPRiZM is the music producer, composer and keyboardist.

2. Could you share the story of how you all came together and where this happened?

We met at Canadian Music Week in Toronto. We each musically came from a place that we admired about the other person. Our chemistry was instant. This led to Maccie visiting JPRiZM at his Boston US recording studio and recorded and wrote several songs with him, one of which is their latest release "Back to Me". Previous releases of Maccie x JPRiZM were remixes of a couple of Maccie's solo releases ("Lost and WIld", "Body Bounce").

3.What are the primary musical influences that shape your band's sound?

Eclectic mix of pop, R&B, EDM, classical, rock

4.Where was the recording of your single/EP/album done, and who played a part in its production?

Boston Massachusetts, U.S. Maccie and JPRiZM were involved in its production.

5.Is there a particular ethos or theme underpinning your single/EP/album, or are there specific musical styles or events that inspired its creation?

Every person has experienced the pangs of love, loss, and longing. Back to Me is an anthem for anyone who's ever yearned for a familiar embrace or a shared laugh. Inspired by Maccie’s own personal story in foster care, Back to Me evokes a message of hope and human connection.

6.Can you share a few words about "Back to Me"?

Maccie: "The lyrics may not explicitly unveil it, but the undertones of the song resonate with the deep-seated longing, hurt, and hope of a young soul yearning for her mother. A chapter of 15 arduous years in foster care silently weaves itself into the fabric of the song, making the listeners not just hear, but profoundly feel every note and word."

JPRiZM: "Back to Me evokes a message of hope and human connection. Trepidation coupled with optimism. The music is a unique mix of melodies that call back to the era of timeless ballads, and blends with the rhythms of what we’ve come to enjoy from the modern era."

7.Are there any noteworthy or entertaining anecdotes, no matter how small, from the band's journey that might interest your music fans?

Regarding Maccie, in addition to music, Maccie also crafts mesmerizing paintings that echo the depth and hues of her music. And if that's not testament enough to her versatility, she soars high as a professional aerial silks artist, entwining her physical agility with the elegance of her creative spirit. Regarding JPRiZM, one of his recent collabs with afrobeat hip hop artist Echezona landed in the EAsports legendary 2Kvideo game, and garnered FM radio play and placement in a national brand ad campaign.


You can find these amazing artists in their social media and listen to their music on Spotify.

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